Friday, June 05, 2020
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New Family Photo We went to the studio to get some 1st birthday photos of Nicki and decided that we'd go ahead and get a family photo knocked out too. It came out pretty good.
Hawaii Mini-Vacation I had to go to Honolulu for an exercise planning conference. After it was over, I flew the family out to enjoy a few days of fun on Oahu. We stayed in a hotel down on Waikiki (where all the best restaurants are), but spent most of our time up on the north shore where the beach parks are much nicer and have much less people.
Nicki is 1 Year Old! Sato bought two cakes. One for Nicki to tear apart and eat on his own, and one for the rest of us. So (for the most part) this was Nicki's first time tasting sweets. It's always fun to watch their reaction to first time....whatever it may be.
Nicki Started Walking Nicki is walking. I had forgotten what it was like to have an eleven month old walking around the house. You have to watch them constantly or they will destroy everything or get hurt. They either need 100% supervision at all times or you have to move everything to about four feet off of the floor with no ability to climb on anything and lock all of the doors to cabinets, bedrooms, and bathrooms. By the way, if you watch the  video  and wonder why we keep saying "Say no....ichi ni, ichi ni". Translated it means: "Ready two, one two.
Alex's First Bike I saw this bike in an advertisement in Stars and Stripes magazine. They were giving a hefty discount to military families. Alex loves this thing, he rides it everywhere. They call it a balance bike because it has a low center of gravity and makes it easy for kids to learn how to ride a bike. Most of us older folk learned by crashing a bike that was too big for us. Actually, Alex already crashed because he forgot how to use the brake. He's OK.
Nicki's Hyaku Nichi Iwai (100 days celebration) This was a nice photo from Nicki's 100 day celebration photo shoot. I had to turn it on its side so that it would work in my website. For some reason the studio took all of the photos in vertical format vice horizontal format. I'm not sure why...but whatever.
Counter Strike Global Offensive I run a Counter Strike - Global Offensive game server from my house. Click here for more information on how to join my server and play.
Windows Server I use Windows Small Business Server as my "home network server" because it comes with a remotely accessible file server and a few other things that regular Windows Home Server didn't have. If you'd like to access it, just shoot me an email and I'll make you an account.

Welcome To Our Website!

This website is a personal blog. Mainly I use it as a place where I can post high definition videos and photos of my family for friends and other family members to view while we are geographically separated from one another.

Why don't I just use Facebook? My website is much more discrete than Facebook. I can lock it down completely if I want. Chances are nobody knows about it unless I want them to. On the other hand, everyone knows about Facebook. If you're not careful about what you post, people can take the information and use it against you, regardless of how harmless you think it may be.

I'll admit that I thought Facebook was cool when it first came out, but I quickly became annoyed with people that I hadn't heard from in 20 years "friending" me, and the endless feed of annoying posts from people I hardly knew revealing every detail of their daily lives. And then there is the barrage of ridiculous ads and invites from people trying to get me to play some ridiculous game. I think at the root of it all, I'm just an anti-social person. Maybe I just don't like people that much. Whatever the case is, I'm happier without a Facebook account.

Accounts to this website are only required if you want to add content. Enjoy!

- Aaron Coulter

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How to Join my Counter-Strike Server

What is Counter Strike Global Offensive? Watch this video:

To play on my Counter Strike dedicated server, you've got to get a "Steam" account and purchase Counter Strike - Global Offensive. My server IP address is It is located in Read More...

How To Create A Flash Game High Score Database

I found  these  Flash games on the web a few years back. They were all over the internet, especially Pac-Man, except most sites didn't know how to configure the high score database that the author had written into the source for each game, and the ones that did weren't saying how they did it. The author, by the way, is  Paul Neave. Slowly but surely...


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How to Hack Your Wii

How to Hack Your Wii

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