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How to Join my Counter-Strike Server

What is Counter Strike Global Offensive? Watch this video:

Click to watch the player in a Pop-Up

To play on my Counter Strike dedicated server, you've got to get a "Steam" account and purchase Counter Strike - Global Offensive. My server IP address is It is located in Okinawa, Japan and runs three different games simultaneously on the following ports:

Port 27015 runs all of the classic hostage and bomb maps in "casual" mode. Port 27016 runs all of the classic maps in "competitive" mode. My competitive mode server is very similar to the casual mode server, except that all of the auto functions are turned off. It is set up more like classic Counter-Strike. Port 27017 runs multiple small bomb maps in "demolition" mode. Basically, you've got to get at least one kill each round in order move up to the next highest weapon in the list.

csgo 1 csgo 2

How To Join My Counter-Strike 1.5 Server: 

1. Install Half-Life:Counter-Strike from the CD image (do not download updates or register). Obtain a key from the CD key generator.

2. Install the file: cs1005.exe (Counter-Strike update to version 1.5)

3. Extract to C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike (Replace existing files)

4. Extract to C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike (Replace existing files)

5. For more realistic sounds and graphics extract to C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike (Replace existing files)

6. Find the shortcut that you'll be using to launch the game and right click it, then select properties. In the "target" line type: -console (at the end of the line). Also, I usually tell it to run the game in a normal window using the drop down menu on this tab. This way it keeps its original aspect ratio and doesn't get stretched to fit a wide screen monitor. In order to get window mode to work, I had to add -window to the end of the target line (right after where you put -console). After I opened it in a window the first time, I removed -window from the target line otherwise it wouldn't save my resolution settings. Finally, on the Compatibility tab, tell Windows that you want to run Counter-Strike in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

7. Before you play you may want to adjust some settings. Launch Counter-Strike and activate with CD Key. Go to Configuration > Video > Modes...then select Direct3D and select a higher resolution (OpenGL doesn't work as well). Click "OK" and "Done" a couple of times. When you're back at the main menu, click "Console".

8. While in the console type "connect" (without the quotes) and press enter. To access the console during game play press: ~. To exit the game from the console type: exit

9. Hint: you can boost your frames per second by typing: "fps_max 101" in the console, and you can monitor your fps by typing: "net_graph 3" in the console. (without the quotes)

counterstrike1_128 counterstrike3_128

For CS 1.5 Server Administrators: 

1. If you have admin privileges, add the lines in the example below to config.cfg in your cstrike directory. The first example enables you to send HUD messages by pressing one key rather than opening the console and typing the amx command first. Regular chat will not work again for you until you press the assigned key for nomessagemode (example 2). The last example will enable you to open the server menu without typing the full command.


bind "i" "amx_messagemode amx_tsay white;messagemode"

bind "o" "amx_nomessagemode"

bind "p" "amxmodmenu" (you can use whatever keys you want, just make sure you don't already have them bound to something else.)

2. Create a file called autoexec.cfg in your cstrike directory and add the line from the example below:


setinfo "_pw" "xxxxxx" (even if you know the admin password, if won't work unless I add your user name to the user.ini file in the amx modx directory on the server.)

3. Type "statsme_menu xxxxxx" in the console during game play to access the statsme config menu.

*note: "xxxxxx" will be replaced with the actual password that I give you.

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