Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Saint Nick

Sato got this baby Santa outfit from her sister when her boy was little. Alex wore it, and now here is Nicki. Nicki is considerably larger than Alex was at 7 months. Alex didn't wear this thing until he was 13 months old.
You can download the high res photos here.

Nicki's Monthly Photo Progress

Mom gave us a book that has these little colored discs to place by Nicki when you take a picture of him every month to track his growth. Here are his first 6 months of photos. 6 more to go.
You can download the high res photos here.

Alex Started Preschool

Alex started preschool this year. He's going to a Japanese preschool out in town and he's learning some Japanese. The only drawback is that he has already come home mispronouncing some English words. Evidently they're teaching some Jap-English on the side, so I'll be correcting that every night. No big deal I guess.
You can download the high res photos here.

Getting Settled In

Here are some more photos of us getting settled into our new house. We bought some used furniture from another Marine who was getting ready to leave Okinawa. You can pretty much find anything you want on okinawa.bookoo.com. I've already sold some stuff on there.
You can download the high res photos here.

Congrats Nicki!

This was cool. Hyaku Nichi Iwai (百日祝い) means "100 days celebration". We took Nicki to the exact same studio in Nago where we took Alex for his 100 days photo session.
You can download the high res photos here.

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